RB Mosher Co. is proud to present our new product line:

With Everything From:

  • ANSI – Pumps,
  • Self-Priming Pumps,
  • Butterfly Valves and Replacement Parts,

RB Mosher Co is your “One Stop Shop”.


I have been using R.B. Mosher Co. for 10-12 years now. I have found their pumps to be competitive. I’ve found their parts to be of the quality to compete against their other competitors. The factory team April and Charlie have been great to work with and have gone out of their way to support and help me, to ship parts to wherever I may need and wherever I place their pumps. All of my customers have been very satisfied with their quality and delivery.

John C.

I have had the pleasure of knowing April Mosher for more than 5 years now. The better I know her the more impressed I become. She is a very effective business manager and sales person, very intelligent and focused on customer service and product quality. Additionally she manages to be an exceptional mother and finds time to contribute to her community. I am very honored to call her my friend and colleague.

Mike A.