When success depends on getting and maintaining the right pumping equipment, there’s just one place to turn… The longtime leader in its field, R.B. MOSHER CO. PUMP DIVISION provides full-service answers to heavy industry’s needs.

Why buy when you can rent?  Many pumps are costly to purchase especially when they are only needed to complete a small job.  Our experts in the pump field can help you diagnose your specific need, then often provide you with a pump you can rent for a week, month or for a year.

We take pride in knowing our professionals are capable of providing you with exactly what you need to meet your challenging requirements.  Allow us to fabricate a rental unit to your specifications.

R.B. MOSHER CO. PUMP DIVISION team’s expertise covers all sizes and types of motors, filters, and pumps, including those driven by air, steam electric motor or diesel engine

Highly trained technicians, including many of the industry’s most experienced professionals are ready to serve you.

We can provide you with the following types of pumps for rental.

  • Water pumps
  • Centrifugal pumps

Let us help you determine your needs, then provide the right rental unit for your applications.